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Check out our creative playground – where our work blossoms just like nature's finest.

Visionary Project In Progress

We look for non-consensus overlooked companies, emerging leaders, and undisputed category winners, instead of trying to index the market.

Redwoods Digital is a full-service agency that helps businesses grow Strategy, creativity, and technology under one tree

We provide responsible packaging for a great environmental impact. #PackforImpact

A digital media that celebrates diverse perspectives and culture in an entertaining way.

Castanea is your go-to digital printing partner. We're all about quick and easy solutions without compromising quality.

Platform slash marketplace to empower influencers and creators for your business account.

Restaurant and cafe in Bogor which soon will open.

Your go-to podcast for self-improvement to tell you things you always thought you knew (but didn't).

The go-to destination for ready-to-use packaging solutions.

Specialize in beautifully crafted stationery and paper-based products that inspire your imagination to flourish.

Our virtual influencer who’s extremely enthusiastic to know about the earth, as well as we are with her. 

Pilolilo is the ultimate source of fun and learning for kids, making education a blast.

Episodic is our game-story about an adventure in outer space. 

Studio 101 is a podcast that caters to the creative industry, providing a platform for creative professionals.

The hangout for movie lovers! We're all about independent creations. 

About trying new stuff and getting reactions from Alayandro and Bondol.jpg, proving that if people can do it, we totally can too!

A chill, down-to-earth spot where you can just be yourself and connect with others, no frills or fancy distractions.

Our Prospering Partners

We take pride in these valuable relationships, and we look forward to many more shared successes on the horizon.