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Our Story &
Its Twists and Turns

This is our story, rooted in the rich soil of passion and growth, as we nurture the seeds of innovation and connection.

Connecting for growth,
impacting for change.

We understand that building such a company is not a solitaryendeavour, it's a collaborative journey to cultivate thrivingecosystems of connections, growth, and impact.


Redwood trees, like nature's ultimate best of friends, hold hands underground, staying strong and thriving together for ages.

To help out our businesses, we've got some serious know-how in things like finding the right people, making our brand stand out, growing the company, keeping our tech running smoothly, and becoming thought leaders.

Innovation Maestro

Our role here is to transform ideas into extraordinary creations. Driving innovation will shape your products and services, ensuring to let us lead the way in creative excellence.


Marketing and communications are never easy. It’s our responsible to tell your brand story, to make audience experience it as well, leaving a lasting impact that they could never forget.

Thought Leaders

Pioneering new horizons in leadership and growth. Our ability to innovate and lead with vision will be essential in guiding us to success we hope for.

Talent Matchmakers

Exciting responsibility to connect exceptional talent with exceptional opportunities. Keen eye for talent and strong communication skills are much needed to thrive in professional community.

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